Equus Lucerne Cubes 15%

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Suitable For: All Classes of horses needing additional roughage in their diet.

Style : Pellet

Please allow up to one week for stock to arrive.

Equus Lucerne Cubes are a high protein, roughage supplement which is consistent in composition and can be used to supplement the diets of all classes of horses. They contain first grade lucerne and are further enriched with all the essential vitamins and minerals for maintenance.

Using Lucerne Cubes minimises the normal handling problems associated with using Lucerne bales including:

  • High wastage
  • Storage space required
  • Fire hazards
  • Losses due to mould
  • Big price variations
  • Unknown bale weights

From a nutritional point of view, Equus Lucerne Cubes are correctly balanced specifically in terms of the unbalanced ratio of Calcium to Phosphate in baled Lucerne. The required salt level is also ensured.

Feeding horses correctly requires a good eye and careful monitoring of your horse’s individual needs, condition and behaviour. We therefore suggest you contact us directly for personalised feeding advise- contact Equus Horse Feeds at + 27 73 423 5491 / + 27 83 998 6824.

Equus Lucerne Cubes are classified as roughage supplement and is designed as a partial hay replacer to stretch hay in times of scarcity or to improve the quality of the total roughage portion when general hay quality is low.

Note: Equus Lucerne cubes must never be used to replace long stemmed hay completely ! It is advisable that a minimum of 1% of body mass (0.5% in extreme circumstances) of long stemmed hay be available at all times even if of low quality.Effective long fibres are essential for optimum digestive health and the importance of the long fibre outweighs the importance of the quality.

Up to 1% of the horse’s bodyweight of Lucerne Cubes can be used per day.


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