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Suitable for: Those with specialised conditions such as Laminitis, Insulin Resistance, Cushings Disease, Tying up and even those prone to Colic and Ulcers.

Please allow up to one week for stock to arrive.

Equus Safe n Lite is a specialized product for horses and ponies prone to laminitis or those which display an intolerance to sugars and starches. Although Safe ‘n Lite is grain free and very low in starch, ample energy is still available from the added super fibres and fats to support horses doing up to medium level work.

High levels of fibres have been included in Safe n Lite to ensure digestive wellbeing, especially in cases of colic and ulcers.

While various factors can predispose horses to laminitis, one of the most common cause is often a carbohydrate overload in the small intestine. Studies have shown that diets low in NSC (Non Structural Carbohydrates) are beneficial to horses suffering from laminitis and all of the above conditions, and this low NSC is the key factor in the success of Safe ‘n Lite.

Safe ‘n Lite is high in antioxidants vitamin E and selenium, is enriched with omega-3 oils and contains a live yeast culture (2.5g/kg). The product is also specifically formulated with high levels of biotin, manganese, zinc and magnesium, all essential for healthy hooves and also for increasing growth of the hoof horn to assist in recovery from laminitic conditions.

*It should be kept in mind that this product will not necessarily cure an acute laminitic condition. The product does, however, assist in preventing laminitis in horses prone to this disease and to aid those with sensitivities to diets with higher levels of sugars and starches, due to its very low NSC level.

Formulating horse feeds with low NSC levels is intricate and certain ingredients, especially molasses,   need to be severely restricted. The Safe n Lite contains only 0.9% Molasses.

Molasses to horses is what sweets are like for children, so keep in mind that horses which are used to cubes (which are often very high in molasses) might need some time to adapt to the new Safe ‘n Lite diet.

In all cases of severe or acute conditions please follow the advice of your veterinary surgeon.


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