Linseed (whole)

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Rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids; improved overall health and immune system; helps to increase bone strength and aids in promoting healing and flexibility of ligaments; an aid in improving endurance performance; improved hoof condition and healthy, glossy coat growth; an aid in relieving allergic dermatitis (including Sweet Itch). Demulcent and laxative – helps to prevent sand and impaction colic.

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Linseed – freshly crushed seeds:

Horses: ½ - 1 cup daily (80-160g/125-250ml)

Ponies: ¼ - ½ cup daily (40-80g/62,5-125ml)

Dogs :

Small: ½ -1 teaspoon daily (2-6g/5ml)

Medium: 1-2 teaspoons daily (6-10g/10ml)

Large: 1 tablespoon daily (10-15g/15ml)

Cats: ½ teaspoon daily (2-3g/2,5ml)

Pigeons and Poultry: Up to 2% of daily grain feed. (Boiling or grinding linseed is not necessary for birds)